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2016 Stability analysis of the opencast slopes (phosphate)

Client: SOMIPHOS Spa, Algeria
Determination of the rock and soil mechanical parameters. Modelling of a landslide-slope area and examination of stabilization measures. Design of opencast slopes on basis of the operating boundary conditions and stability verification for various slope geometries. Definition of measure and surveillance programs for endangered areas. Development of further rock mechanical examination program. Stability analysis for inside and outside dumps

2016 Geotechnical study for a new Russian potash mine

Client: K-Potash Services, Russia
Planned potassium mining in multiple seams. Determination of the relevant rock mechanical parameters for the salt rock (e.g. creep behavior). Stress analysis via large-scale numerical models for the examination of the mutual interaction with host rock. Stability and deformation analysis as well as the expansion design for the planned underground mine workings (main roadways, longwall, room and pillar mining system). Recommendation for the adaptation the originally planned design.

2016 Stability determination of pit slopes

Client: Euromax Resources Ltd, Macedonia
Gold and copper open-pit mine. Solid rock slope > 500 m high and partially steep slope angle. Calculation of the slope safety factor for critical areas of the opencast mine via numerical models. Comparison of results with calculations via the “balance method“. Consideration of the seismic loads within the calculations.

2016 Assessment of rock burst risk for a lignite underground mine

Client: Premogovnik Velenje, Slowenia
Mining depth up to 500 m, seam thickness up to 160 m. Evaluation of occurred rock bursts. Assessment of the geological and geometrical situation of the mining area. Development of proposals for the future mine layout to avoid further rock bursts. Providing proposals for short term implementation personal protection measures. Suggestions for modelling hazardous situations for a thorough analysis of rock mass behavior.

2015 Geotechnical design for a underground pump storage plant

Client: Federal state NRW, Germany
Examination of the utilization of the existing mining infrastructure of abandoned collieries in the Ruhr area for the construction of a underground pump storage plant. Selection of a suitable location.
Geotechnical evaluation of the location and of the design of feasible caverns. Determination of the feasible cavern dimensions for the favored location. Determination of the required expansion and a possible access sequence. Development of a geotechnical analysis programs for the selected location.

2015 Production increase by improved rock burst prevention and gas drainage

Client: SUEK Russia
Assessment of rock burst risk according to DMT-System. Determination of potential critical stress zones during development and extraction by numerical modelling. Recommendations on mandatory control system. Client assistance when dealing with authorities for measures which are not in line with the mining regulations Numerical modelling of loosing zones caused by extraction for optimization the location of surface gas drainage drill holes.

2015 Best practice for areas with identified rock burst risks

Client: Golder Associates Pty Ltd, Australia
Description of systematic procedures for area with identified rock burst for roadway headings. Description of required personal protection measures. Recommendation for the use of test and stress relieve drilling equipment. Preparation of SOP (standard operation procedures) for the execution of stress relieve drillings. Recommendations on success control after performance of stress relieve drillings.

2015 Assessment the technical feasibility of raise boring a ventilation shaft

Client: Solvay, USA
Green River Basin, Sweetwater County Wyoming USA. Ventilation shaft for a trona mine: Depth 500m, raise bore diameter 5.0 m final diameter 7.5 m. Alternating rock mass of mudstone, silt stone and sandstone. Phase 1: Preliminary assessment of the shaft sinking method based on existing documents and data. Development of a geotechnical investigation program. Phase 2: Analysis and Interpretation of data from the new investigation bore hole and comprehensive risk analysis for raise boring technique.

2015 Tunnel ventilation design on the ICE high-speed connection between Cologne – Frankfurt

Client: Schweerbau GmbH & Co.KG, Germany
Design of the ventilation system for 9 tunnels. Supply of all essential installation components. Commissioning of the ventilation system. Calibration of the ventilation system during the test/trial operation. Training of the ventilation system operation for the site crew. Measurement supervision of the occupational exposure limit regarding the emissions.

2015 ff Recycling of negligibly contaminated metal scrap
Client: Sande Stahlguss, Germany
Sande Stahlguss (German company) manufactures high quality demanding steel castings from a small model to enormous ready-to-install/pre-finished components (up to max. 100 t). The smelting operators want to implement an additional plant to be able to accept and remelt metal scrap from nuclear facilities. DMT offers support at the development of an operational and safety concept. DMT supports Sande Stahlguss during the formulation of the necessary application documents for an approval in accordance with the §7 Radiation Protection Ordinance.

2014 ff. Scoping Study for a potential energy storage setup
Client: Heindl Energy GmbH, Germany
Evaluation of technical feasibility mining-based aspects. Establishment of the necessary boundary conditions and requirements to manufacture the potential energy storage setup. Consideration of geological-geotechnical criteria as well as of hydrogeological criteria. Conceptional numerical model of deformation and fracturing assessment. Cost estimation. Risk analysis. Construction capacity study.

2014 Geotechnical- and support design for a ventilation shaft
Client: Polyak Eynez Enerji, Turkey
Shaft sinking by drill and blast method 800 m depth and 8.0 m inner diameter. Strata of with high variation in rock strength: Vulcanite's, tuffs mud-, marl-limestone partially tectonically stressed. Geotechnical analysis and classification of rock mass following international standards. Determination of the required support load bearing capacity and design of a suitable support system. Assessment of an alternative support design and shaft sinking concept by numerical modelling.

2014 Conceptual design of a high pressure underground water dam for a coal mine
Client: TTK Genel Müdürlüğü, Turkey
Determination of the optimal location for the high pressure water dam based on geological-geotechnical and operational conditions. Determination of the optimal dam design. Stability analysis for the designed dam for different water pressures. Support design of the temporary ground support during dam construction stage. Recommendations on technical implementation during dam construction.

2014 Analysis of water dam behaviour (Hannover mine) with increasing of water pressure
Client: RAG, Germany
Geotechnical hydraulically investigation of the behavior of an inaccessible water dam for the case of increasing of the water level. Numerical modelling of the water dam considering the injection measures done in the past. Mechanical hydraulically coupled models for investigation of the water flow through and around the dam under the available boundary conditions. Variation of water levels and determination of limits. Variation of rock mass type for investigation of general rules.

2014 Geotechnical analysis of a sublevel caving (SLC)
Client: Yildirim group, Kazakhstan
Evaluation of deformations and proof of stability of underground workings as well as subsidence trough extend. SLC chromite operation in approx. 300 m depth; reserve down to 700 m. Review of documentation regarding:
Geological/geotechnical parameters
Mine layout
Applied rock support systems.
Selection of representative section for the geotechnical/numerical modelling. Recommendation for extraction of deeper levels and risk assessment of change in mining direction.

2014 Proof of stability for downwards face mining in a vein deposit
Client: Sachtleben Bergbau, Germany
Barite and fluorite mine “Sachtleben Bergbau”. Future mining of the vein deposit with artificial roof. Numerical calculation of the proof of stability. Usage of produced waste material and hydraulically hardening fly ash as penetration concrete. Mine typical process engineering for the introduction of an artificial roof of building material.

2014 Selection of extraction method for a lead-zinc mine
Client: ENOF, Algeria
Ore deposit in a highly disturbed rock mass. Performing of a rock mass classification. Feasibility of the planned extraction method (block caving) in complex the geology. Trade-off study of alternative extraction methods (e.g. stopping or cut and fill) in given geological conditions.

2014 Evaluation of a gas incident during the roadway development
Client: Raspadskaya, Russia
Geological and geometrical situation evaluation of the mining area. Determination of the key factors for the incident by systematic parameter variation in geotechnical numerical model. Examination of the coal for desorption properties. Modification of the existing gas drainage drilling program with the aid of the results from numerical modelling.

2014 Inspection of the Membrane Roof Structure at Hajj Terminal in Jeddah
Client: ALTILAD AL ARABIA, Saudi Arabia
DMT Rope Testing Centre was chosen due to its special longtime Know How, in addition membrane and steel experts from University of Essen were involved as DMT subcontractors. For the preliminary site visit an inspection of selected critical samples of components was required. Recommendations regarding future regular inspections (e.g. regular inspection of a percentage of the cables with Non Destructive Testing methods to be executed by DMT experts; examination of membrane aging) are requested and given in a report.

2014 Fire and explosion protection in a deep geological repository for radioactive waste
Client: Nagra, Switzerland
Preparation of a matrix to law, guidelines, etc. Assessment of potential fire loads by fire load calculation. Identifying potential measures for preventive fire and explosion protection to prevent fires/explosions respectively mitigate the effects. View of type and number of escape and intervention routes on the basis of mine layout and ventilation systems.

2014 Development of a Conveyor Belt Surface Surveillance Monitoring System
Client: BfS, Germany
Mine ASSE II, depth 750 m. Radiological characterization of bulk material like backfill, salt grit etc. Planning of conditioning of bulk material, activity measurement and transfer to an automatically filling device. Measurement of activity by gamma spectrometry and total alpha- and beta-detectors, calculation of activity for clearance. Preparational work for procurement and licensing.

2013 – 2016 Gas content analysis and concept studies
Client: Polyak Eynez, Turkey
Coal mine under construction with a massive seam. Measurement of the gas content within the coal in a German lab. Preparation of the gas content isoline maps. Preparation of an evaluation study of the gas content incl. benchmarking and risk assessment. Examination of various options of deposit fracturing and the mining impact considering ventilation aspects. Forecast calculations of the gas emission for 9 conventional and LTCC mining operations.

2013 – 2014 Planning of gas and ventilation monitoring for roadway development
Client: Wismut GmbH, Germany
Water drainage tunnel for uranium mine through coal bearing strata. Assessment and forecast of possible gas emissions. Planning of monitoring. Planning of data logging and transfer. Concept of technical implementation. Providing of documentation for approval process. Training of staff.

2013 – 2014 Planning of a drainage system for a coal mine
Client: Electrosteel Castings, India
Coal mine under construction with high gas emissions. Examination of the gas emissions at the coal mine. Planning of the gas drainage system with drill hole schemes, a pipeline network and a suction station. Selection of the equipment. Capex and Opex calculations. Realization/implementation plan. Recommendation regarding the organizational structure. Training of the executives (management).

2013 – 2014 Supply and commissioning of gas laboratory with on site training
Client: TTK , Turkey
Hard coal deposit with intensive tectonic faulting and high gas contents. Gas outbursts occurred. Concept for gas analysis on site (gas content and sorption isotherms). Supply of underground sampling and lab equipment. Set up of lab at clients facilities. Training at two underground coal mines for coal sampling. Theoretical and practical training on site for lab tests. Consulting for outburst prevention.

2013 Exploration and pre-feasibility study for gas pre-drainage of hard coal block
Client: S&T, India
Gassy hard coal deposit with intensive tectonic faulting. Pre feasibility study for mining done by DMT. Planning of exploration borehole. Providing lab test services for coal and rock analysis. In situ permeability test. On site support during drilling and sampling. Analysis of test results. Conceptual design of pre-drainage. Comparison of different options based on surface and underground boreholes. Assessment of gas utilization options. CAPEX & OPEX model.

2013 Feasibility Study on Debiensko Coal Mine
Client: NWR Karbonia S.A., Poland
Conducting of a Pre-feasibility study for a preliminary assessment of the technical and economic viability of the Project. The study was based on review and assessment of an engineering study prepared by BSiPG design institute from Katowice. Development of a preliminary shaft sinking design in cooperation with our partner companies (Shaft Sinking GmbH and Siemag Tecberg GmbH).

2013 Expert evaluation of rock bursts
Client: EVRAZ, Novokuznetsk, Russia, Alardinskaya Mine
Depth: 600 m. Fact-finding regarding the occurred rock bursts. Geological Analysis of the mining area. Geometric assessment of the areas of rock burst. Assessment of the existing rock burst detection method. Recommendations for future rock burst detection methods. Recommendations for mine layout. Assessment of measures for gas outburst prevention

2012 – 2015 Design of an underground air lock system for separating radio protection areas
Client: BfS, Germany
Design concept and assessment of enhanced design and planning for the project "Trial phase of the Retrieval of Radio-active Waste of the Asse II salt mine“. Avoidance of the diversion of radioactive contamination. Perpetuation of a directional air flow by differentiation of barometric pressure. Contamination-free packing and transport of excavation material and of drums containing radioactive waste.

2003 –2014 Surface mine dewatering with protection of the aquifer
Client: Dolomitwerk Wünschendorf, Germany
Hydrogeological principles. Pumping tests for the parameter identification. Groundwater modelling. Draft of an optimal drainage system. Support via a monitoring system. Adaptation of the output regarding the meteorological conditions. Adjustment from apron dewatering to direct surface mining drainage. Pump frequency minimization.

2013          Geotechnical Analysis of Roof Caving Causes, Recommendations on Roof Support, Selection of Mining Method and Sequence for Putting the Coal Mine Back into Operation
Client: Almaznaya, King Coal, Russia
Specialists assessed the geological conditions, analysed gates deformation, frequency and scale of caving in gates and panels. Digital modelling was carried out, along with the comparison of results of single and double use of roadways. Upon completion of the work, recommendations on the mine layout, panel and gate management were provided.

2013          Expert Review for Rock Bumps Prevention at Alardinskaya Mine, Novokuznetsk
Client: Yuzhkuzbassugol, Russia
The work included a review of historic events, assessment of mining and geological parameters of the mine take, technical parameters of the mine layout, current actions for prevention of rock bumps and gas outbursts. Upon completion of the work, recommendations on optimisation of the forecast methods and rocks distressing were provided, as well as recommendations on modification of the mine layout parameters.

2012          Concept of Water Inflow Prevention during Shaft Sinking, Gremyachensky Mine, Volgograd Oblast
Client: EuroChem, VolgaKali, Russia
Specialists made the water inflow and hydraulic pressure forecast, produced the hydrogeological model, developed the concept of water inflow prevention during shaft sinking, and the concept of pressure reduction through arrangement of a relief wells network.

2010-2011   Geophysical Studies in Potential Landslide Zones during Construction of Olympic Sports Facilities in Sochi
Client: Alcomp, Russia
Geophysical studies were carried out in the landslide hazard slopes in the area of construction of the railway line running to Olympic sports facilities in Sochi, the preliminary assessment of the geology was made, data on seismic, geoelectric and down the hole measurements were collected, geological assessment was made, and the detailed risk zones analysis was conducted.

2009 Regular Assessment of Quality and Characteristics of Backfilling Materials
Client: RAG, Germany
In the course of work DMT used the practice-focused techniques to check the mechanical properties of injected binding products. Tests were run at the temperature of 50°C for adhesion of disturbed and polished surfaces. The test conditions were synchronised with varying underground conditions, and underground pumps used in practice were employed. The compressive strength was determined, and various products and product groups were compared regularly.

2009 Optimisation of Ploughing Parameters
Client: RAG, Germany
The work was carried out at Auguste Victoria mine. The specialists measured the plough operation parameters during coal cutting such as chain pull-up, measured and visualised mining equipment capacity parameters, estimated operation parameters, repaired the plough damage, and optimised the plough load and the mining methods to improve reliability.

2009 Structure Rope Check, Hajj Terminal in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Client: SL Rasch GmbH, Germany
The world’s largest membrane type structure (425,000 m2) was studied in the course of work, after 30 years of operation in adverse climatic conditions (heat, humidity, salt). Visual, magnetic induction and ultrasonic inspections of the structure ropes was carried out, stability was assessed, recommendations on repair were provided, and advice on planned work was given.

2009 Development of a Masonry Block Production Technique for Construction of Magnesia Concrete Stoppings
Client: Asse, Germany
The work objective was to develop a technique for production of magnesia concrete (cement-free mix of rock salt grains used for construction of stoppings in potash mined). DMT developed the technique of masonry block production by pressing, determined mechanical properties of the material and produced blocks (density, compressive strength), and optimised the process of stoppings construction.

2009-2010 Geotechnical Studies at Belvedere Coal Mine
Client: Vale Exploration Pty Ltd, Australia
In the course of work DMT provided a second opinion on a few technical and economic studies. The effects of the seam suite extraction were investigated, recommendations on longwall panel length, mining sequence and pillar size were made, the roof caving interval was studied, recommendations on roof support were provided, and the rock bump probability was assessed.

2009-2011 NRW Cadastral Registry
Client: Bezirksregierung Arnsberg, Abtlg. Bergbau und Energie, NRW
In the course of the work the specialists made a conceptual design of the database system and architecture, integrated the database into the existing IT infrastructure, developed several additional programmes for GIS and report data import/export, and supported the system introduction into the DSG process catalogue in North Rhine-Westphalia.

2009-2011 Magnetic Induction Testing of 80 Stay Cables, Köhlbrand Cable-Stayed Bridge
Client: Hamburg Hafenbehörde, Germany
In compliance with DIN 1076, cable bridges are to be checked regularly. Built in 1970-1974, Köhlbrand bridge has 88 cables of 7 different diameters, 58-118 mm, and 2 pylons. DMT inspected 8 cables in 2009 and the others in 2011. Three different magnetic heads were used for measurements because of different diameters.

2009-2012 Visualization of Occupational Health and Safety in Power Plants
Client: RWE Power AG, Germany
In the course of the work DMT produced 3D films to raise awareness, ensure understanding and assess everyday risks, developed the educational concept, and carried out modelling, animation und post production.

2009-2014 Evaluation of Tender Documents for Guelb II Iron Ore Project
Client: PNB Paribas, Mauritania
Based on the decision of the Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière (SNIM), the annual ore production was to be increased (Guelb operation was to deliver additional 4.0 Mt of sinterable feed material for an iron ore concentrate), and new raw material port was to be erected. DMT evaluated and checked compliance of tender documents with the required technical specifications of the feasibility study.

2009-2014 Pre-Feasibility Study, Nokkundi Iron Ore Mine
Client: Bolan Mining Enterprises, Pakistan
The iron ore mine was designed to operate for 20 years. The requirement of the iron and steel industry were to be met by production of lump ore and sinter concentrate. An open pit was designed at the Pre-Feasibility Study stage to process up to 1.0 Mt of ore a year.

2008 Design of a Lignite Mine with a Variable Seam Thickness
Client: Balkan Energy, Greece/Montenegro
The work was undertaken at a shallow deposit (200 m) with variable seam thickness and a large amount of rock inclusions. The deposit was modelled, mineable reserves were estimated, the shortwall mining method was selected, and the mine layout and the mining sequence were planned. DMT also designed the logistics system for coal haulage, access and main roadways, and the roof support system. Major mining equipment was selected, a financial model was developed, and its sensitivity to various risk factors was tested.

2008 Transition from Open Mining to Underground Mining at a Gold Mine
Client: Tokhtar Mine, Kazakhstan
The work was undertaken at the deposit containing several gold lenses at the depth of about 300 m. DMT made an underground mine design for production of 250,000 t of ore a year. The transition from open mining to underground mining was optimised, and geological models were revised in view of the new data on the deposit. Various access options were considered, mine workings were designed, the mining method and sequence were determined, the geotechnical analysis of roadway stability was conducted, and the roof support system was designed.

2008 Recommendations on Rock Bump Prevention in Gates and Longwall Panels
Client: OKD, Czech Republic
The work was undertaken at Lazy mine at the depth of 800 m, multiple seam mining, 5 m thick seam. Several rock bumps injured people and caused a considerable damage, and mining was stopped for a few weeks. DMT found the reasons and provided recommendations on prevention of such events. Testing and stress relief methods and parameters were optimised.

2008 Development of Software for Longwall Operations Parameters Estimation and for Training of Personnel
Client: Caterpillar, Germany
The task to be fulfilled by DMT was to develop software for real time and time lapse visualisation of load conditions and material flow, automatic identification and estimation of operating parameters, production of chain force/length diagrams, multi-language support and presentation of results in PDF or HTML formats.

2008-2009 Titanium Project Feasibility Study and Project Development
Client: Bothli Trade AG., Switzerland
Bothli Trade AG, Switzerland, planned erection of a titanium complex in Andhra Pradesh state of India based on the local beach sand. DMT services included representative sample management, support of international and local contractors, resource estimation, mine design, development of beach sand deposits, and site water management. Besides, the transition from open mining to underground mining was optimised, and geological models were revised in view of the new data on the deposit. The specialists also considered various access options, designed roadways, mining methods and sequence, ran the geotechnical analysis of roadway stability, and designed the roof support system.

2008–2009 Development of Solutions for Reduction of Mining Induced Earthquakes
Client: RAG, Germany
The work was undertaken at all RAG mines at the depth of down to 1,500 m, multiple seam-mining. DMT assessed occurrence of different mining induced seismic events, partially with damage to buildings, developed empirical methods for assessment and identification of potential risks. Specific mine takes and panels were also assessed, based on the input data, and the influence degree and the seismic events potential were analysed.

2008-2009 Subsidence Prediction with Numerical Models
Client: RAG, Germany
The input data included underground and surface measurements. In the course of work, the specialists developed suitable 3D models for subsidence prediction, and compared estimates with numerical models taking account of multiple seam-mining, rocks formation, and time-related factors.

2008-2010 Backfilling Concept Development
Client: Metropolitan Colliery, Australia
The client considered use of tailings as a material for backfilling. This was caused by limited dump areas because of the proximity to populated localities. Rheological laboratory tests were run, testwork was planned, and the pilot plant concept was developed. The specialists also developed a preliminary design of backfilling facilities.

2008-2014 Feasibility Study for Expansion of Iron Ore Production and Processing
Client: Shougang Hierro Peru S.A.A., Peru
Shougang Hierro open pit is located 500 km south from Lima, near San Nicolas port. The owner planned to increase the production from 10 Mtpa to 20 Mtpa, with the expansion impacting all production and auxiliary processes: concentration, power plant, port transportation (to improve shipment to China). The task of DMT was to develop a feasibility study and provide engineering services.

2008 Geotechnical Design of Iron Ore Deposit Development, Yakovlevsky Mine
Client: Yakovlevsky Mine, Russia, 2008
In the course of their work, specialists made a geotechnical estimation of rooms and pillars size, completed a detailed design of roof support parameters, and designed a pilot roadway. Besides, performance parameters were developed for production of 10 Mt of ore a year for the planned mining method: room and pillar mining with backfilling and pillar extraction at the depth of 600 m. The ore strength was 1-3 MPa.

2007 Systematic Approach towards Gate Designing
Client: Donetsk Steel, Ukraine
The work was undertaken at Krasnoarmeyskaya Mine No. 1, depth 600 m, single seam mining in weak rocks. The specialists took account of the input geological data, interpreted roof support deformation on the basis of the actual convergence measurements, produced a numerical model and a 2D model for the support options under review, and developed an assessment matrix for minimisation of gates.

2007 Platform Subsidence Monitoring, Total E&P, France
Client: Total E&P, France
In the course of the work the specialists installed a high accuracy GPS monitoring system to monitor even slight movements of oil platforms, arranged data collection on the platform and in the land control room. The data were processed in Essen and transmitted to the Total headquarters in Paris. The contract for Yadana platform in Myanmar was extended for another five years.

2007 Investigation of Ploughing in Thin Seams and Mine Planning
Client: DTEK, Ukraine
The work was undertaken at Stepnaya mine, with the gently dipping 0.8-1 m thick seam. The planned face length was 300 m. The floor and roof were composed of mudstone. The specialists determined cuttability of rocks, selected a face conveyor, identified plough parameters, and estimated the production capacity of 775 t/h at the plough daily running time of 480 min/day, 6200 t/day.

2007-2008 Planning of Ventilation Parameters for Shaft Sinking in Kazakhstan
Client: CFT-Filtertechnik GmbH, Germany
CFT supplied the main fan for the new shaft of the underground mine, using the forced ventilation method with air heating due to low ambient temperatures in winter. In the course of the work DMT designed surface structures for the main fan and the heating system, the air duct, and estimated air losses for two different ventilation options.

2007-2008 Rock Mechanics Study for a Lignite Underground Mine
Client: Enel SpA, Italy
Geological exploration data were verified, the geological model was revised, reserves were estimated, recommendations on mine layout were made, numerical modelling was undertaken, and the analysis of barrier pillar dimensions between two extraction areas was conducted to prevent spontaneous combustion and ensure maximal use of the deposit.

2007-2013 Management System for Shafts and Audits
Client: RAG, Germany
DMT developed the database of historic roadways for the region, the web-based user interface and the data storage system. Standardised reports were integrated and exported into the database. Technical support was provided during integration into the existing IT infrastructure.

2007 Prediction of Deformation Behaviour of Mine Roadways
Client: RAG, Germany
The work was undertaken at all mines at the depth of 1,500 m, mining of up to 20 seams. DMT estimated parameters of development headings under various options. Roof support systems were designed for re-use of roadways (yielding support + roofbolts + backfilling). Roadways behaviour at various stages of operation was modelled, and rock pressure was estimated, taking account of high pressure zones in multiple seam operations.

2006 Design of Support Parameters for Shaft Deepening and the Pit Bottom at a Great Depth
Client: RAG, Germany
The work was undertaken at Prosper mine at the depth of 1,200 m, with the maximum roadway cross-section of 170 m2. DMT carried out the geological analysis of surrounding rocks and revealed interbedded strata of weak rock and coal seams. The work used a combination of empirical calculations and geotechnical numerical planning. Besides, the contractor’s personnel was trained and coached in use of support materials, as the roadways were supported by resin-grouted roofbolts and torcrete. DMT ensured supervision during construction.

2006-2010 Consulting on Gas Utilisation (CMM & VAM)
Client: RWE Power AG, Germany
In the course of the work DMT consulted on utilisation of coal mine methane (CMM) and ventilation air methane (VAM). Studies were undertaken within the framework of more than 20 gas utilisation projects in China, Russia and Ukraine, sometimes with gas flow unknown. The specialists collected data and visited coal mines, forecasted gas flow and quality, assessed risks, and developed a concept for gas utilisation.

2005 Steel Fibre-Shotcrete Technology
Client: RAG, Germany
In the course of the work at Ibbenbüren mine, the specialists designed and tested a technology for dosing of steel fibres, estimated dosage of granular building material and mixture of building materials with steel fibres, and developed a technology for placement of the steel fibre shotcrete by means of a manually operated gunning machine.

2004-2007 Non-Destructive Testing of Ropes, Including End Connections
Client: Deutscher Tagebaubetreiber, Germany
Ropes of booms of surface mining equipment are used for many years. Testing of ropes often causes difficulties. The task of DMT was to undertake magnetic induction testing of ropes with the diameter of 150 mm and end connections to identify premature wear. Testing ensured availability of equipment and provided long term planning security for the rope exposure time.

2002 and 2008 Feasibility Study of an Iron Ore Deposit Development with Weak Rocks
Client: Yakovlevsky Mine, Russia
The work included design of a room and pillar mining technology with backfilling and pillar extraction at the depth of 600 m, with the ore being 1-3 MPa strong. The specialists conducted the geotechnical analysis to determine the size of production rooms and pillars, to select roof support elements and to evaluate the reserves in compliance with the JORC standard. Besides, a pilot site was planned and located, and recommendations on production of up to 10 Mt of ore a year were provided.

2002 Development of a Mine Water Treatment Optimisation Concept
Client: RAG, Germany
In the course of the work at Auguste Viktoria, the specialists’ tasks included minimisation of the content of solids in the pumped water. A pre-treatment technology was developed, laboratory tests were run for verification, the mobile treatment facility concept was produced, and the pilot system was calibrated and tested at the mine. The concept of an industrial scale facility was developed.

2000-2012 Ventilation of Sewer Wells and Pipelines
Client: Betreiber und Planungsbüros, Germany
In the course of the work DMT designed the ventilation system, modelled the impact of air exchange in sewer flows, determined the size of canals to ensure adequate natural ventilation, developed a ventilation concept for treatment facilities, and set the required fan parameters.

1990 Longwall Panels Backfilling
Client: Walsum, Germany
In the course of the work at Walsum mine, the specialists developed a technology for stabilisation of the mined panels by backfilling them with building materials during coal mining under the Rhine river. A pipeline advance system with hydraulic supports was planned, and the system was delivered, installed and supervised.

1981 Tests during Development of Resin-Grouted Roofbolts
Client: Minova, Australia и Germany
In the course of the work DMT ran laboratory tests in conditions comparable to in-situ conditions. The specialists assessed outer and/or inner bonding strengths of roofbolts suitable for production processes, measured the pull and torque at installation and the maximum tensile strength, and made an optical quality assessment after tensile tests.

1976 - 2010 Morsleben Mine
Client: DBE, Germany
DMT made regular inspections of mine hoisting equipment during the period of more than 30 years. Checks were made and recommendations on various repairs were provided. In 2011 a new winder was tested and introduced in Bartensleben mine shaft.

1975 Prediction of Roof Fall Frequency for Longwall Operations
Client: RAG, Germany
The work was undertaken at all RAG mines at the depth of up to 1,500 m, multiple seam mining. DMT made empirical calculations of the frequency of roof fall for the design of powered roof support and risk management, interpreted mining and geological parameters, estimated the critical tip-to-face distance, and calculated expected roof fall probability and the maximum parameters. The work also included measurements in faces and comparison of estimated and actual parameters.

Client: RAG, Germany
The work was undertaken in conditions of multiple seam mining at the depth of up to 1,500 m with high gas content and low permeability of coal. DMT made laboratory tests and measurements in the mines, planned and supervised installation of gas drainage and ventilation systems, consulted on gas outburst prevention. Besides, the specialists developed multifunctional monitoring systems, delivered training for all employees in ventilation, and carried out a large scope of research and development.

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