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Design Engineering and Mining Processes Management

In association with DMT, IMC Montan will provide a wide range of services in the area of design engineering aimed at production of minerals and mineral processing. The main objective of design engineering services is improvement of safety and reduction of product cost using advanced technologies, equipment and the world best practices. High quality of our services is based on many years of experience in mining industry, which ensures significant improvement of our Clients’ efficiency. DMT has state-of-the art and unique equipment for tests and investigations of different nature.

Our services include the following main types of work:

Geomechanical studies of roadway conditions and open-pit slope stability (justification of roadway support, testing conditions of roadway support elements, modeling of strain-stress state of rock massif)
Geotechnical survey of rocks and massif modeling
Design of mining and processing technology – hydrogeological assessment of deposits and underground water modeling
Technology of mining equipment industrial testing
High-precision inertial control system for mining equipment
Winding equipment, conveyors, underground conveyors and supports
Optimization of production and concentration engineering processes
Ventilation systems, sewage and waste disposal planning and control
Justification of hauling transport and planning of transport flows in mining

Industrial and Labour Safety

Issues related to health and safety have always been and still remain the focus of mines’ attention. IMC Montan I association with DMT and TUV Nord will carry out a mine safety audit, as well as prepare a report on compliance with the international standards BS8800, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 etc.
DMT has the capacity to work out and conduct special personnel training and development programmes. We will support our clients in working out and establishing a well-equipped personnel training centre, including in some cases a training mine.

Increase of Labour Productivity and Human Resources Management, Organization Structures

IMC Montan has vast experience in management of mining and processing companies. Our specialists used to take high positions at different Russian and foreign mines. Among our staff we have specialists who will conduct a mine technical audit and develop the most suitable and optimum management structure tailored to specific conditions, optimize the number of personnel depending on the operations requirements. We will develop a long-term programme of the mine human resources management as well as a programme of qualification upgrade and a succession plan.

Mine Infrastructure Planning

IMC Montan has vast experience in the area of analysis of infrastructure compliance with the mine operations requirements. We will conduct analysis and ranking of transport communication system options, develop a general layout plan etc.

Methane Recovery at Coal Mines, Gas Drainage

IMC Montan and DMT have vast experience in the area of methane recovery practice and technology at coal deposits and underground workings gas drainage. The company has expertise in the area of both seam gas drainage and preliminary gas drainage from the surface.

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