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Investor Support

Realizing projects in different countries, IMC Montan has vast experience of business cooperation with international financial institutions and private companies and investors.
Many major financial organizations are interested in financing mining and processing companies and offer different credit facilities for that, including different options of fund raising – from standard crediting to participation in the mine capital stock. A collateral may include existing fixed assets or newly acquired fixed assets, other assets directly including mineral resources. IMC Montan experts’ reports, including business plans and study of rationale for attracting investments are a qualified independent opinion that is used by financial structures in taking decisions on matters of financing mines.
Based on our vast experience in the mining sector, we understand and are aware of the market trends and interests of the market players to expand or reduce their business, develop new deposits but certainly observe the confidential basis of all the information presented to us.

Mining Projects Management and Follow-Up

An important IMC Montan advantage is that our company has vast experience in major projects management in different sectors in Russia and other CIS countries. Realizing these projects, we are actively involved in all stages of their implementation from the Scoping study to follow-up advice and training services.
Realizing projects in mining, processing and metallurgical sectors, we call qualified experts individually for each project development stage with a view of ensuring proper quality of projects implementation.

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