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The Russian-UK raw materials dialogue “Trust and Cooperation as Major Elements of Sustainable Development” was held in St.-Petersburg on 18-19 October.

The main objective of the forum is to create a unified floor for intensification of scientific and economic cooperation between the two countries in the area of efficient use of raw material resources, introduction of innovative technologies, developing of common strategies of mineral and raw materials industry development.

IMC Montan, in the person of Pavel Shevchenko, participated in the panel discussion that was discussing the issues of intensification of scientific and economic cooperation in the area of efficient use of raw material resources, introduction of innovative cleaner technologies, developing of common strategies of mineral and raw materials industry development.

We are thankful to the hosts of the vent – St.-Petersburg Mining University and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) who created a scientific and economic floor for exchange of opinions by the Russian and international colleagues on the current status in the industry.

LLC “IMC Montan” was a bronze sponsor of the 13th Russian mining forum MINEX that took place in Moscow on October 10-12.

 Within the sessions held the key experts of the Company made reports: Sergei Borisovich Nikishichev, Director, on the topic “Why Feasibility Studies are Needed Today?”

Andrei Aleksandrovich Tverdov, Technical Director, on the topic “Interest in Development of Man-Made Deposits”. 

The event traditionally finished with a gala-dinner where Andrei Tverdov as a member of the award committee awarded prizes to winning companies in various nominated categories. 

We are thankful to Minex forum organizers for participation in this interesting event!

IMC Montan: 25 Years of Operation in Russia and CIS Countries

The New Year eve party takes place on 16 December 2016 at Savoy restaurant to celebrate 25 years of IMC Montan’s successful work in Russia.

IMC Montan celebrates 25 years of its successful work in Russia and CIS countries focused on development of consulting in the mineral mining and processing industries. About 500 projects have been implemented by now, including international audits of resources and reserves, participation in IPO and fundraising, engineering and technical consulting on improvement of cost effectiveness, development of documents of up to the Bankable Feasibility Study detail level, mining safety assurance, etc.

Friends and colleagues, who have cooperated with IMC Montan for many years and supported our development, are invited to the event. These include Mechel, Evraz, SUEK, SDS, Colmar, Norilsk Nickel, Coeclerici, GeoProMining, VEB, GPB, Sberbank, EDB, Alfa Bank, Otkritie, the Big Four accounting firms, Rostekhnadzor, Rosnedra, etc. We are also happy to see out partners from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, GKZ Rosnedra of the Russian Federation, RT Global Resources, Metalloinvest, Russdragmet, ALROSA, Renova, TEPK, Siberian Anthracite, Poyus Gold, Geovia, Micromine, Coal Marketing Research Institute, Reuter, National University of Science and Technology MISiS, American Appraisal, OERN.

IMC Montan appreciates support and positive feedback on our work. A. B. Yanovsky, the Deputy Minister, noted the importance of consulting companies’ input into development of the country’s mining sector focused on introduction of the best practices. A. P. Verzhansky, General Director, Miners of Russia Non-Commercial Partnership, awarded the 1st class Miner’s Glory badge to the company’s Director S. B. Nikishichev. Supported by parent companies WYG and DMT, John Bacharach and Irina Schegolevskaya, the company’s founders in Russia, expressed their gratitude to the personnel and emphasised their pride in the current status of the company.

IMC Montan is grateful to all friend and partners who could find time and congratulate us in person. We appreciate the invaluable presents and acknowledgement of importance of our efforts. We will try out best to maintain the current level of work to justify the confidence

Sergey Nikishichev: The Real Industry and Science Should Come Together

IMC Montan is a partner of Case-In international engineering championship for the fourth year in a row. This year, Sergey Nikishichev, Director of IMC Montan, headed the expert board to evaluate cases of the Mining League at the Case-In championship final in Moscow.

The Case-In international engineering championship finalists include over 300 students and postgraduates from 39 higher education institutions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, who have won preliminaries in their regions. They fought with each other to become the best engineering students team in one of the five areas (leagues): Electric Power Industry, Mining, Geological Exploration, Oil and Gas, and Metallurgy.

Twenty-one teams competed within the Mining League. According to the case requirements, the future miners developed the production process chart and parameters of the mining and processing facilities of Bystrinsky GOK, located in Zabaikalsky Krai. The finalists’ solutions were reviewed by the expert board headed by Sergey Nikishichev, Director of IMC Montan.

As decided by the experts, Nautilus team from the Ural State Mining University (Yekaterinburg) became the League’s champion.

The second is Tekhniki team from Shakhty Institute (Branch) of M. I. Platov South Russia State Polytechnic University (Rostov Oblast).

The third position is held by Mining Consult team from St. Petersburg Mining University.

Concluding the results of the Mining League competitions, Sergey Nikishichev noted: “It is a remarkable event and I’m impressed by its scale: an increasing number of students participate in the championship every year. It is great that students are willing to take part in the championship, since it gives them a real start in life and a chance to present themselves. It is very good that the attention is now paid to the quality of education: the participants’ solutions improve every year, and students demonstrate a good knowledge of what they are taught. I would like the professors to focus on what happens at mines today. The real industry and science should come together, and this is what the championship participants are doing. I believe that participation in the championship is of interest to any mining company focused on its development. I wish the championship could increase the number of the Mining League competitors. This would make it possible to select students for practical training at the championship, and support those who will make the backbone of the mining industry in 10-15 years”.

On 8-9 June 2016 IMC Montan specialists delivered presentations at AOON NAEN’s workshop titled Experience and Innovations in Development and Submission of Technical and Economic Justifications of Mining Parameters, Reports with Reserve Estimates, and Technical Designs of Solid Mineral Deposit Development to GKZ and the Central Committee of Rosnedra for Development of Solid Mineral Deposits

The workshop titled Experience and Innovations in Development and Submission of Technical and Economic Justifications of Mining Parameters, Reports with Reserve Estimates, and Technical Designs of Solid Mineral Deposit Development to GKZ and the Central Committee of Rosnedra for Development of Solid Mineral Deposits was arranged on 8-9 June 2016 in the assembly hall of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology. Over 200 people took part in the workshop, including IMC Montan specialists. Sergey Nikishichev, Director of IMC Montan, made a presentation titled Basic Principles of the Code of Public Reporting of Resources and Reserves in Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. Andrey Tverdov, Technical Director, made a presentation titled Problems of Transition to the New Classification of Solid Mineral Reserves and Prognostic Resources: Specific Features of Technical Designs Development, Justification of Mining Units and Losses, Application of Express Methods of Mineable Reserves Evaluation.

On 7-10 June 2016 IMC Montan in conjunction with DMT GmbH & Co KG participated in the 23rd Coal of Russia and Mining international exhibition, the 7th Health and Safety international exhibition, and the 2nd Subsoil Resources of Russia international exhibition in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast

Every year the exhibition becomes a venue for meetings of mining specialists from all over the world. Along with well-known companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, there were more than 110 international exhibitors from 18 countries, who presented a wide range of innovations and modern technologies for all segments of the mining industries. Within the framework of the Science Intensive Technologies of Mineral Resources Development and Use international conference, A. Shalashinsky (Sales Manager, Mining Consulting and Engineering Division, DMT GmbH & Co KG) and R. Balz (expert on prevention of rock bumps and coal and gas outbursts) made a presentation titled Use of Modern Methods and Tools to Assess the Rock Bump and Outburst Risk at Coal Mines, DMT Experience.

The presentation attracted a lively interest of participants and demonstrated the capabilities and the potential of the new Geohazmap Coal software for assessment of the risk of occurrence of hazardous geological processes to ensure safe operation of mines.

April 2016

On 22 April 2016 IMC Montan became a Sponsor at the Conference on Development of Mineral Resources in the Chukotka Autonomous Region. 

Roman Kopin, the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Governor, defined the main results of the first conference “Chukotka. Energy of Territory” that was held at the initiative of the Government of the Region. Over 120 people representing federal and regional governmental authorities, public organisations and major investment and industrial companies participated in the event. IMC Montan was represented by the Director Irina Mironovna Schegolevskaya and the Deputy Director for Social and Economic Projects Sergei Sidorkin who presented the report “Development Prospects of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Deposits: IMC MONTAN Experience”. 

On 19-21 April 2016 IMC Montan became a Silver Sponsor of the 7th Mining and Exploration Forum MINEX that took place in Astana, Kazakhstan

This Forum organized under the slogan “Mining and Exploration Industries – Prospects and Opportunities for Creating Economic Growth” brought together over 300 heads of the sector Ministries, senior specialists of mining and mining-engineering companies, experts from investment companies and banks, representatives of process-engineering and service companies from the Central Asia and near and far abroad. The report “Design of Public Resource and Reserve Reporting System for the EAES Countries” was presented on behalf of IMC Montan by the Director Sergei Borisovich Nikishichev.

February 2016

On 2-3 February 2016 IMC Montan supported the Eurasian Mining and Geological Forum, becoming the Prime Sponsor. The event took place in Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

I Eurasian Mining and Geological Forum was organised at the initiative of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus, the international consultancy IMC Montan, the Belorussian State Technological University and the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Production Center of Geology". The following reports by IMC Montan specialists were presented at the Forum: “EAES Public Reporting Code Concept” by S.B. Nikishichev, Director; “Public Private Partnership in the Context of a Coal Mine in Yakutia” by Egor Kuleshov, Project Manager; “Practice of Social Impact Assessment in Mining Sector” by Maria Sokolova, Senior environment consultant.

January 2016

On 26 January 2016 IMC Montan participated in the “Glückauf” Round Table discussions: “Development of Cooperation: Innovations, Risks, Efficiency”. 

The scientific and technical conference “The 17th Round Table of the Russian “GLÜCKAUF” “Development of Cooperation: Innovations, Risks, Efficiency” within the framework of the XXIV international scientific symposium “Miner’s Week - 2016” was successfully held at Moscow Mining Institute of NITU MISiS on January 26. The presentation “Optimization of Mining Operations, Finding Opportunities and Methods of Overcoming Crisis Developments in the Sector” by S.B. Nikishichev, Director, Moscow office of IMC Montan, a major consultancy, was accompanied by lively discussion. 

September 1 , 2014
On 1 September 2014 IMC GCL (UK) and IMC-Montan Consulting GmbH (Germany) international mining consulting divisions were renamed DMT Consulting Limited and DMT Consulting GmbH, respectively. Hence, all international division will work under the DMT brand and develop consulting, as well as engineering services.
IMC Montan mining consultancy activities in Russia, CIS countries and Mongolia will stay the same. It will be possible to run engineering projects on behalf of DMT Group, and implement social and economic projects on behalf of WYG International.
We hope that this structure of interrelations and expanded opportunities to use various brands, depending on the work specifics, will encourage our development

March 11-13 , 2014
In Germany in the town of Aachen Sensor-Based Sorting 2014 was held on 11 – 13 March 2014 and our senior minerals processing expert Aleksei Kobzev made a report on “History of Radiometric Processing in CIS”.  read more

June 7 , 2012
8th MINEX Mining Club Meeting Practical Aspects of Planning and Executing Acquisitions of Foreign Mining Companies
The 8th MINEX Moscow Mining Club meeting, Practical Aspects of Planning and Executing Acquisitions of Foreign Mining Companies, was arranged on 7 June 2012. The meeting was supported by KMPG and IMC Montan, as well as by long-term information partners such as Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management; Subsoil Use XXI Century; and Mining + GEO magazines.
The meeting was attended by over 60 representatives of 40 Russian and international companies. The meeting addressed financial, technical and operational aspects of the acquisition of mining assets abroad. IMC Montan specialists reviewed the principal risks and made the following presentations:
A. A. Tverdov, Head of Mining Development, IMC Montan: Practical Aspects of Planning and Executing Acquisitions of Foreign Mining Companies – Technical and Operational Aspects;
A. V. Zhura, Head of Mining Project Evaluation, IMC Montan, GKZ (State Committee for Reserves) Expert, PhD (Economics): Reserves/Resources Valuation and DCF Model of a Mining Project;
M. A. Sokolova, Senior Environmental Consultant, IMC Montan: Environmental Risks.
Proceedings of the 8th MINEX Mining Club meeting, including the reports and presentations, are available at the Club site:

June 24 , 2012
VI International Mining and Geological Forum Mingeo Siberia took place in Krasnoyarsk during May 21-23, 2012
The main purpose of the forum was to exchange experience in and discuss issues on subsoil use in Russia and worldwide, as well as to familiarize with the latest innovative technologies in mining sector, to learn about changes in Russian legislation and new investment trends in mining industry worldwide.
IMC Montan had acted as a corporate sponsor of the event, as well as IMC Montan’s expert-geologists took part in the forum, presenting their papers:
"Evaluation of Quality of Geological Exploration Work presenting as Examples Chukotka AO’s Deposits”, by Ilya Ivanov.
“Some Practical Issues of Block Modelling with Examples of Gold and Copper-Porphyry Deposits”, by Pavel Kushnarev.

April 20 , 2012
The forum was aimed to develop the immense mineral potential of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, encourage the international dialogue on state regulatory issues, technical upgrading, professional training, funding and investing into mineral resources exploitation.
IMC Montan arranged the master class titled Grade Control Modelling at Mining Companies. Within the framework of the master class, Y. Y. Kaputin delivered the Use of Conditional Stochastic Modelling to Reduce Risk of Ore-Waste Misclassification and to Reduce Dilution and Ore Loss report.
Besides, Igor Pleskunov, IMC’s Mining Projects Manager, made a presentation titled Integrated Approach to Solutions on Deposit Development with Joint Technical, Financial and Strategic Consultancy during the Integrated Approach for Decision Making on Mine Development as a Result of Joint Technical, Financial and Strategic Consulting master class arranged by KPMG.
The technical session were attended by John Bacharach, Director of IMC Montan, who delivered Boosting Productivity and Reducing Costs of Central Asia Mines presentation, and Andrey Tverdov, Head of Mining Development, who made the Mine Transportation Systems presentation

February 09, 2012
Today, on 09.02.2012, IEEC (IMC Montan Group) is to celebrate its 20-year Anniversary of work in Russia. This function will start at 18:00 in the Residence of the British Ambassador. We are happy to meet our clients and partners which have been helping us and working with us during all these years.

June 27, 2009
John Bacharach, IEEC Director, participated in the 5th Russia and CIS (Moscow, June 27) - the leading coal industry conference for Russia and the CIS, forum for Government, end users, coal producers, traders, financiers and logistics providers to strategise, share knowledge and debate and discuss the prospects and potential for Russia’s coal markets in 2011 and beyond. John Bacharach made a presentation on major coal development projects in Russia.

February 25, 2009
IMC Group Consulting Limited (IMC) has acquired 51% of SRG Services and Consultancy Private Limited (SRG), India ( SRG is the leading independent mining consultancy organization in India in the fields of geological modeling, mine planning and resource valuation. SRG has developed international experience by providing consulting services in Asia and in Africa. The SRG team numbers about 30 of which the majority are qualified professionals. This acquisition will bring benefits to clients from the truly professional experience which will now be available through the IMC-SRG company in India.

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