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Sergey Borisovich Nikishichev, LLC IMC Montan Director, PhD (Economics), FIMMM, expert OERN and ESOEN 

Contacts with Clients on ongoing projects are performed by the Project Coordinator - Svetlana Alekseevna Sansam and Project Managers of the respective project.
Logistics support for the projects is by Olga Aleksashina.

IMC Montan team includes professionals in various areas of mining sector:

  • mining engineers
  • geologists 
  • pre-treatment, preparation/concentration and refining specialists 
  • environment specialists
  • mining economists
  • 3D modeling specialists 
  • infrastructure and transport specialists 
  • industrial safety and ventilation specialists 
  • and other.

Alongside with the permanent staff of Moscow office we are able to call other professionals from the Russian and international companies and institutes specialising in various aspects of mining operations. Our networking system ensures quick mobilization of the required specialists to solve any operational and organizational tasks.
Therefore, our multi-disciplinary and international teams of experts ensure use of the world best practices in our work to develop independent and professional solutions.


Sergey Nikishichev


PhD (Economics), Competent person FIMMM,
expert OERN and ESOEN

Sergey Nikishichev is an experienced Project Manager and a mining economist with more than ten-year experience in mining and ten-year experience in mining consulting. He held various positions in mining companies, including management positions, e.g. Vice-president in Economics in Sokolovskaya Holding Company in Prokopievsk-Kiselevsk district, Kuzbass, engaged in surface and underground coal mining, processing, construction and other related businesses. Sergey is an experienced specialist in the field of finance, business economics, business planning, business and organizational systems management, and mine production structures, including infrastructure objects, investment attraction and location. At present, Sergey oversees and supervises IMC Montan activities and is in charge of cooperation development efforts and management of projects implemented for the mining sector companies in Russia and the EAEC.

Andrey Tverdov

Technical Director

PhD (Engineering),
GKZ expert,
OERN expert, Rostekhnadzor expert, Chartered Director Accredited by Rosimuschestvo,
Member of Russian Managers Association,
Member of Community of Charted Directors (Agency for Strategic Initiatives),
Chartered business appraiser

Andrey is a Technical Director. Education: Moscow State Mining University (Diplomas with Honours – BSc, Mining Equipment and Methods; Mining Engineer), State University of Land Use Planning and Control (Diploma – Company (Business) Valuation), Academy of National Economy and Civil Service under the Auspices of the RF President (Innovation Management in Corporations). Before IMC Montan Andrey had experience in construction of underground facilities and surface mining of minerals. . Working for IMC Montan, up to date Andrey has participated as a project team member or a Project Manager in over 80 projects related to resource and reserve valuation in compliance with international standards, optimization of mining and production processes in surface and underground mines. Andrey is a PhD, Engineering; author of over 30 research and practical papers in mining published by leading publishers and a monograph. . Andrey is an expert of the State Commission on Mineral Resources and Reserves (GKZ). He is an industrial safety expert certified by Rosteckhadzor and a member of Society of Russian Experts on Subsoil Use (OERN).

Aleksey Dvornikov

Head of Mine Development Direction

Mining Engineer/Infrastructure Specialist,
Rostekhnadzor expert (Federal Agency for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision

Aleksey Dvornikov is a mining engineer, expert in the area of mine construction and operations. Aleksey is Head of Mine Development Direction, IMC Montan. He graduated from Norilsk Industrial Institute with diplomas of mining electrician, mining engineer with a specialization in underground mining of minerals, economic manager with a specialization in economics and management in mining and geological exploration sector. Aleksey has vast experience in mining sector in Russia. He occupied management positions at GMK Norilsk Nickel mines. Aleksey participated in consulting projects (over 100) as Project Manager, Mining Engineer and Mine Infrastructure Specialist. He is an expert in industrial mine safety in coal and ore mining sector certified by Rostekhnadzor. Aleksey has experience of project management on Scoping Study, Pre-Feasibility Study, Due Diligence, Feasibility Study, underground and open-pit mining of minerals, reserve valuation, mining and environmental audit, industrial safety audit projects.

Aleksey Zhura

Head of Mining Project Valuation Discipline

PhD (Economics)
GKZ Expert,
OERN expert

Aleksey is a specialist in economics and marketing of mining. He graduated from Moscow State Mining University and has a PhD (Economics) and further diplomas: Company (Business) Valuation of State University of Land Use Planning and Control; Innovation Management in Corporations of Academy of National Economy and Civil Service under the Auspices of the RF President.
Aleksey has 15 years of experience in marketing and economics of mining, Aleksey is an expert of GKZ (State Committee on Mineral Resources and Reserves) since 2007, since 2012 he is a member of the Society of Subsoil Use Experts of Russia (OERN).
Aleksey developed investment projects at Sokolovskaya Coal Mining Company and conducted thermal and coking coal market research at the Institute of Coal Market Sales Opportunities and mining equipment market research at OAO OMT.
Since 2006 Alexey has been working for IMC Montan as a consultant. For the time of his work for IMC he implemented over 70 projects in different type of minerals – coking and thermal coal, iron ore, base and precious metals etc.

Pavel Shevchenko
Mining Project Manager
Mining Engineer, Competent person MIMMM,
GKZ Expert

Pavel Shevchenko is a mining engineer with over 15 year experience in the mining industry, has the mining engineer’s diploma in underground mining awarded in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and the diploma in law awarded by Turan University, Almaty, Kazakhstan. As an IMC Montan staff member, participated in over 30 projects on reserve and resource evaluation, was involved in projects development in compliance with the international standards, optimisation of mining and other processes of open and underground mining operations.

Igor Pleskunov
Head of Belorussia Company Representation, Expert of the Republic Committee for Reserves (RKZ), Belarus
Competent person ProfGradIMMM,
OERN expert

Igor has graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Mining Institute and the Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy. He has 6-year of experience as a mining engineer, specialists on underground mining. Igor has wide experience in mining sector in Russian and abroad. He is the author of six invention patents and 16 publications in scientific magazines under review; winner and awardee of many international and scientific conferences; a participant of 2010 International Mining Congress. Igor is a full member of the Scientific-Technical Board of Western Urals Machine Manufacturing Corporate Group. Since 2011, he acts as a reviewer of diploma designs of Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute.

Egor Kuleshov
Manager of Mine Planning Business Sector
Mining Engineer
GKZ Expert

Egor Kuleshov graduated from St. Petersburg State Mining Institute (diploma of a mining engineer, development of stratified deposits); and from St. Petersburg State University (economics and management, project management), McKinsey & Company. He has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and has the patent for the invention. Egor was involved in projects on reserve and resource evaluation, Feasibility and Pre-Feasibility Studies, MER preparation.

Igor Stezhko
Manager of Techno-Economic Evaluation Business Sector,
Mining engineer,
Member of the Self-Regulating Organisation Board of Experts,
GKZ expert

Igor graduated from St. Petersburg State Mining Institute and Plekhanov Russian Economic University. He has more than 8-year experience as mining engineer. Igor has experience in mining industry in Russia and abroad. During his work in IMC Montan Igor participated and was Project Manager in various projects related to preparation of technical audits and due diligences of mining industry enterprises, as well as writing of international format reports.

Ilya Ivanov
Chief Geologist
PhD (Chemistry),
Competent person,
Member of Australian Institute of Geoscientists, GKZ Expert

Ilya is a geologist with more than 15 years of experience in prospecting, exploration and evaluation of minerals.  He has been involved in the appraisal of development perspectives for gold, diamonds, rare-earth and uranium deposits, in particular assessment of geological structure, technical-geological conditions; QA/QC of geological exploration, reserves estimation; audit of methods of reserves calculation, sampling and analyses;  interpretation of data, and estimation of physical and mechanical properties of strata. Ilya has Experience in Мodeling of ore bodies and their enclosing setting. Experienced user of PC: Micromine, MS Office, VBA, Geoinformational Systems (Arc Info, MapInfo), Vectorizers (Map Edit, Easy Trace), Graphical Applications (CorelDraw, Photoshop), AutoCAD, Surfer, etc

Pavel Kushnarev
Geological Modelling and Reserve Estimation Team Leader
GKZ expert,
Expert of GKZ Belarus,
NAEN Competent person

Pavel is a geologist with 15 years of experience. He has vast management experience. Pavel headed geological exploration of gold and copper mining sites in Peru. He has vast experience in development of 3D models and reserve estimation at uranium and gold deposits in Russia. He prepared expert’s reports on mineral deposits and conducted evaluation of prospects within the framework of the State Committee on Reserves (GKZ). He was awarded by Certificate of Merit of FGU GKZ and Federal Agency on Subsoil Use. Pavel has been a GKZ expert since 2009, a member of the Society of Russian Experts on Subsoil Use (OERN) since 2011, a Competent Person of the National Association for Subsoil Examination (NAEN).
Currently he works for IMC Montan occupying the position of Head of Geological Modeling and Reserve Estimation Group. Pavel works on projects as Project Manager, Geologist, Block Modeling Specialist. He is engaged in QC/QA of geological exploration, statistical and geostatistical analysis, wireframe and block modeling, reserve and resource valuation in compliance with the JORC Code, NI 43-101 and other. He is a Datamime, Micromine, Suprac, AUTOCAD user.

Vasily Leonov
Manager of Mineral Processing Business-Area
Mineral Processing Expert

Vasily graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University of Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold with specialisation in mineral processing. He has experience in beneficiation and metallurgical processing of mineral raw materials (non-ferrous, ferrous and precious metals). Vasily is a specialist on technology and equipment of metallurgical plants and concentrators. During his work in IMC Montan, he was involved in almost all projects of the consultancy, including Bankable Feasibility Study and Expert Review for Arbitration Court. Vasily has experience as Project Manager.

Саверская Татьяна Петровна

Консультант по металлургии и переработке минерального сырья

Татьяна – высококвалифицированный специалист в области обогатительно-металлургической переработки минерального сырья (цветные, драгоценные, редкие металлы) с опытом работы более 25 лет. Является специалистом по вопросам технологии и оборудования металлургических заводов и обогатительных фабрик. Закончила Норильский индустриальный институт в 1991 году. Татьяна имеет большой опыт в разработке процессов и технологий для обогатительно-металлургических производств, оказывает техническое содействие в работе действующих предприятий горно-металлургической отрасли. Много лет работала в научно-исследовательских организациях ПАО «ГМК «Норильский никель». Имеет более 10-ти научных статей в печатных изданиях, 3 патента на изобретения. Призер конкурса научных разработок в ПАО «ГМК «Норильский никель» на тему «Использование мощностей ГМП НМЗ ПАО «ГМК «Норильский никель» после прекращения переработки пирротинового концентрата».

Olga Kolobchenkova
Mining and processing engineer, a consultant in the area of mineral processing

Olga graduated from Moscow Mining University with specialization in mineral processing and qualifications of mining and processing engineer. Olga has been working for IMC Montan since 2014 and participate in resource and reserve valuation, Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Study preparation projects.

Sergey Sidorkin
Social and Economic Policies of Regions
Deputy Director on Socio-Economic Projects
PhD (Politics)

Sergey graduated with honours from the department of history at Chelyabinsk State University with specialization in political science; and a post-graduate course at the public policy chair of the department of philosophy at Lomonosov Moscow State University as a PhD, political sciences.  Sergey has expertise in the area of strategic planning, Investor Relations, Public Relations, Risk Management.
Sergey has been working in IMC Montan since 2011 and is involved in preparation of Terms of Reference, quality control, project co-ordination, liaison with the state authorities, market research, preparation of social and economic sections of mining project reports (risk assessment, assessment of project performance, analysis of legal and regulatory framework).

Maria Sokolova
Manager of Environmental Assessment Business Sector
Environment Consultant

Maria Sokolova is an environmental specialist. Maria has over 15 years of experience in the area of environmental protection. She graduated from Moscow Geological Exploration Academy and is a certified engineer specializing in eco-geology. From 2000 to 2008 she worked in the Monitoring and Forecast Centre at the RF Emergency Committee and held a position of the main specialist at the Environmental Emergency Monitoring Division. Currently she works for IMC Montan and is engaged in mines’ Environmental Impact Assessment, compliance of mines’ operations with national and international standards in the area of environmental protection. In her work Maria uses knowledge of the RF Environment Law and international environmental standards as well as knowledge of mining specifics as an impact factor.

Ruslan Merchiev

IMC Montan Consultant on Economics

Ruslan is a mining specialist in marketing and economics. He has graduated from Kuzbass Sate Technical University as Mining Engineer Economist. He has more than 10 years of experience working in the Russian mining companies, including Kuzbassinvestugol Corporation, Sokolovskya Holding Company, Kuzbassugol Coal Company, and Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company. Ruslan was engaged in mining economics including the following subject areas: economic assessment of investments, business planning, analysis of production activities, budgeting, and marketing. He has extensive experience in development of investment project and their audits, the projects related to construction and re-construction of deep mines, surface mines, processing plants, as well as auxiliary and service facilities. He was involved in expertise of the investment projects bidding for state support funds within Local Development Programme and Kuzbass Coal Industry Diversification Programme which are aimed at re-employment of miners and their family members made redundant as a result of coal mines closure. Professional level user of specialized software for development of investment projects and financial analysis of companies (Alt-Invest, Alt-Finance).

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