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Resource and Reserve Valuation Practices in CIS Countries

Mine Design Stages in Russia

Mining Projects Risks. Objectives and Methods of the Risks Assessment

Ore Processing with Application of the Modern Large Size Lump Photometric Separation Technique

Analytical Research: Current Status and Prospects of Kaolin Market

Specific Features of Iron Ore Disintegration Processes and Conditions for the Optimal Ore Treatment Option Selection

IMC Montan Consortium Experience in Russia

Problems of Comprehensive Use of Mineral Resources and Development of Man-Made Deposits

Drilling of Relief Drainage Wells to Ensure Highly Efficient Operation of Longwall Faces with Low Permeability Coal Seams

Differentiation of Plough and Auger Shearer Use Areas with Medium and Small Seam Thickness, Based on the Face Modelling Data

Environmental Aspects of Engineering Solutions for Development of Sylvinite Ore Flotation Treatment Method

Investments into Mining Projects: Types and Attraction Tools

Radiometric Methods of Gold Ore Processing: Objectives and Relevant Problems

Expediency of Setting Mining Companies Audit Standards for Public Reporting with the View of Listing at Russian Stock Exchange Markets

Improvement of Methods for Assessment of Budget Efficiency and Social and Economic Macro-Effect from Deposits Development

Development Areas and Problems of Radiometric Mineral Processing Methods

Specific Features of Investing into Foreign Mineral Resource Assets

Innovations in the Mining Industry

Objectives and Functions of the Russian and International Resource and Reserve Estimation Systems

A Book by Yuri Kaputin. Improvement of Mining Company’s Mineral Resources Management Efficiency (Geological Aspects)

Rare Earth Deposits: Specific Features, Difficulties and Prospects

Rare Earth Metal Market Review

Fire Prevention and Extinguishing at Coal Mines Using Modern Non-Cryogenic Nitrogen Inerting Techniques

Comparative Analysis of Modern Coke Gas Desulphuration Techniques

Problems and Prospects of the Russian Coal Industry Development

Anthracite Markets and Major Use Areas (Globus Magazine, No. 3 (22), July 2012)

Modern Mineral and Overburden Haulage Systems

The Great Miner, Geologist and Metallurgist – Mikhail Lomonosov

A Book by Yuri Kaputin. Grade Control at Mines

International Approaches towards Mine Safety

Support of Greenfield Deposit Development Projects in Kazakhstan

Experience in Using the Results of Gorlovsky Coal Basin Deposits Modelling for Strategic and Operational Planning

20 Years of Mining Consulting in Russia: A Success Story

21st Century is the Age of Space Mineral Resources Development, Part 2

Mining Companies Value Assessment: International Aspect

21st Century is the Age of Space Mineral Resources Development, Part 1

Methods for Assessment of Reserves Contribution to Mining Companies Value

Application of Income-Based Methods for Mining Companies Value Assessment for Various Reporting Purposes

Solutions for Improvement of Mines Performance Efficiency

Orthodox Christian Patron Saints of Miners

In Relation to Identification of the Optimal Long Term Planning Period for Mines

Development of Elegest Coking Coal Deposit: National Importance Project

Waste Dump Fire Prevention and Extinguishing

Russian Mineral Resource Estimation System in View of the International Experience in Current Economic Conditions

Time to Invest

Meet the Standards

Modern Methodological Approaches towards Identification of Open Mining Boundaries

Current Status and Prospects of the Russian Coking Coal Market

Current Status of the Theory and Practice of Coal Processing to Produce Liquid and Gas Fuel

Promising Areas of Coal Utilisation

Russian Coking Coal Market Trends

Efficiency of Additional Longwall Equipment Set Employment at Coal Mines

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